This time I choose a Vashikaran mantra from a highly sacred sphere – the vashikaran Mantra from Rig Veda .call here for help +91 9928730491

My interpretation

The core challenge I find in my attempt to make the interpretation religion and “God” free is the direct connection it has with Kali. While there are many scientific interpretations of the Hindu thought of Trinity, I interpret the Kali to our own consciousness and ability to go beyond the obvious.
The idea of conquering other is a theme that has captured many a thinkers and shaped many epics. More often, one sees that it is all going good when one succeeds in conquering vashikaran as it leads to inhuman and unsustainable behavior. I therefore link the idea of vashikaraan to “an end” and try to interpret the mantra in relation to the conquest of an end – which I interpret as a goal. With this perspective, this is how I interpret the vashikaran mantra.

Let our awareness go beyond the obvious to get a complete experience, like a sweet smell where one concentrates on the positives, curtails the negatives and feels that the experience though not endless is independent of an immediate goal.

The key learning for me in this vashikaran mantra is the fine balance this mantra seeks in conquering vashikaran but not be immortal. It makes the mantra the bearer of a fundamental message – seek to conquer girl the fear of go away but do not wish to be immortal. To me the true conclusion of life is it and without it, life would never be complete.